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A cookie is a small text file that allows you to store information or access information already stored on the user's PC, smartphone, tablet or the like, in order to obtain data about the user.
Cookies are not in themselves illegal. They are used, inter alia, to store information about the user's behavior on a website and is necessary for many online services. For example, the shopping cart on the web shops that recall the products in the shopping cart using cookies.

Cookies may also be used to personalize web pages, for statistics on user behavior, targeted marketing, development of more user-friendly services, etc. Depending on the user's position can be seen as an advantage to be identified and get targeted information - or the opposite. It is therefore essential to give the user the opportunity to decide whether there should be stored cookies on their PC, smartphone and tablet.

It is important to stress that the cookie rules is not limited to cookies, but also includes other technologies to store or access to information already stored in a user's terminal equipment.

For practical to assess the achievement of whether given an appropriate informed consent, which includes all purpose and identifies who has placed the cookie, cookies if necessary. divided into categories.

For example:

Necessary Cookies
Preference cookies
Operation and optimization cookies
Marketing - anonymous tracking across websites
Marketing - targeted advertising

1. Necessary Cookies
These cookies are essential for the functionality of the website, the user explicitly asks for. For example. cookies be required to a shopping cart function.

2. Preference cookies
These cookies are used to support the settings that the user has made. Examples are display settings and log-in areas.

3. Operation and optimization cookies.
These cookies are used to control the Web service and example. add customer feedback and gather data for web analytics. Any cookie that has the potential to be used to track a user's movements, searches, access pages or exit pages do not belong in this category.

4. Marketing - anonymous tracking across websites
These cookies are used to track visitors across multiple web services. They can be used to build a profile of the search and / or browsing patterns of any or some visitors.

5. Marketing - targeted advertising
These cookies are used to track a user's browsing habits and activity. The information collected may be used to display the customized content. These cookies can be used to collect personally identifiable information and / or sell the data to third parties.

The category also includes any cookie or groups of cookies that can be used to influence the supply of products or services that are made available to a visitor to the Web service (either directly or indirectly) or which can be used to affect the price that a user will be presented. Any cookie that can be used so as to be identified clearly and unambiguously and its purpose is indicated as "pricing".

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